Real High Power

When we say high power, we mean it. Thanks to an excellent thermal management, our LedMODs deliver the highest output powers commercially available. Reliably, of course.

Really Stable

The Led chip is individually cooled; this ensures high  wavelength- and power stability. You can be assured of a very stable output during your entire experiment; milliseconds or hours.

Fast, really fast!

Up to 500KHz analog and digital modulation for each wavelength individually. True ON/OFF with rise- and fall times less than 2 microseconds.

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From deep UV to IR

Choose from a wide range of wavelengths. Starting at 340nm and up to 950nm.

You want to use multiple wavelengths? Please take a look at our LedHUB series.

Fiber or Free Space

Choose from Liquid Light Guides and their standard microscope adapters or Quartz fibers with SMA for easiest operation. You want to use it free-space? Please let us know.

Interfaces: plenty!

USB 2.0  and RS232 interface, (user-programmable) analog and digital inputs.

SYNC in- and outputs. We support all major (microscopy) standards!